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international forwarding agent

Joined the team in 2010. A person with an exceptional sense of humour which has repeatedly helped to release the tension in stressful situations. Reliable, diligent, excellent interpersonal skills.


Languages: PL, EN, DE

Specialization: Poland, Western and South Europe


+48 58 781-44-14 ext. 16, +48 695-644-130  





international forwarding agent

Working for CONTRA since 2010. Her positive attitude to life and people gives our team lots of positive energy.


Languages: PL, EN

Specialization: Southern Europe


+48 58 781-44-14 ext. 17, +48 609-455-699   gg





head of the board

Founder of the company, in other words "business from a woman's point of view". Combines two passions in her life - work in freight forwarding and a passion for horse riding.


Languages: PL, EN, RU

Specialization: negotiations, contracts, representation


+48 58 781-44-14 ext. 12, +48 601-644-130





international forwarding agent

Part of the team since 2006. A perfectionist with a friendly and optimistic attitude to life, establishes new contacts easily.


Languages: PL, EN

Specialization: Poland, Western and South Europe


+48 58 781-44-14 ext. 18, +48 607-467-700



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