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The company CONTRA, outside commercial activities involved with the sport and is involved in many equestrian events.

The CEO runs the company colors Dagmara Wilczewska.

From May 2012 Dagmara Wilczewska training under supervision Jurek Krukowski Polish Champion in Eventing in Bialy Bor in 2004 and the first Polish vice-champion in this discipline in Strzegomiu in 2006

Experience and endurance trainer led to competing in this year's competition class N.

First Eventing competition Kwieki 2013


WKKW 2016
Eventing Kwieki 2013
ZR Rzeczna Derby 06/2013
ZR Damaszka 05/2013
ZR Starogard Gdański 05/2013
ZR Rzeczna Derby 06/2012
ZR Rzeczna Derby 06/2012
ZT Łężyce 07/2012
ZR Sokolnik 06/2012
ZR Starogard Gdański 05/2012
ZR Gdańsk Owczarnia 2009

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